• strat·e·gy (n)

    What's your plan? Have you defined your short- and long- term goals? Do you have an action plan and a timeline?

  • ac·count·abil·i·ty (n)

    Who is ultimately responsible for the success of the business, decision-making and follow through? Are there systems in place to support project management and growth?

  • syn·er·gy (n)

    Are all your employees working cohesively? Is there synergy between the website, social media, collateral materials, public relations and your target market(s)?

  • sus·tain·abil·i·ty (n)

    Does your strategic plan coincide with your business development goals and create a strong foundation for corporate growth?

  • e–com·merce (n)

    Do you have a social media presence? Have you tapped into all the viral resources available through the world wide web?

  • social media

    PRmarketingon-line activity

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